Test of the Bold Black Knight Slot Machine

To paraphrase the immortal words of Monty Python’s Black Knight: “The Black Knight always triumphs.” The Mighty Black Knight slot machine by Barcrest promises not only victory, but also enormous wealth. The new Big wager mechanism allows you to open the portcullis of Castle Blackspin to a gigantic 100 payline grid, resulting in big winnings compared to the classic Black Knight slot game.

Learn Even More About the Black Knight Slot Machine!

Making winning combinations of three or more symbols on a winning payline is the key to success in Mighty Black Knight, as it is in any other online slot game. The main game features only 10 paylines. The King is the most lucrative of these icons, rewarding you with five times your wager for a full house.


When the Mighty Reels function is activated, however, the game takes on a whole new dynamic. When you land the Black Knight symbol, the portcullis of Castle Blackspin will open, expanding the game from 5 reels to a huge 510 grid with a monstrous 100 paylines. This mode is designed to reward big rollers.


You should now be placing Big Bets as frequently as your bankroll will allow, as doing so will get you access to the game’s incredible 98% RTP (regular bets only you access to the 94% RTP). However, the game’s very high volatility means that your winnings are still largely dependent on luck.

Exactly what qualities does the Mighty Black Knight possess?


We’ll break down the game’s two primary mechanisms that contribute to the game’s high victory rate and explain how they work below.


Powerful Ropes

Every spin provides a possibility of revealing the game’s namesake Black Knight symbol. If you are lucky enough to land the 5-row-high symbol entirely in view, he will open the portcullis, revealing the last reel and an extra 50 paylines. The extended grid now has 100 paylines, and the Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols to create winning combinations.


Big Wager

Mighty Black Knight’s Big Bet feature is its most distinguishing function. High rollers, defined here as those who regularly wager C$20 or more, have access to exclusive gameplay elements and bonuses. You get 5 spins at each Big Bet level, and the bigger your wager, the more benefits you get.


C$20 Big Bet: Mighty Reels activates on a partial Knight symbol C$30 Big Bet: Lower tier benefits and lower-paying icons are removed from the board C$50 Big Bet: All symbols save the scatter are removed from the board Large wagers hold all lower-tier bonuses and wild cards in place until a victory is achieved.

Theme, Visual, and Sound Design

In Mighty Black Knight, you travel with the titular knight into the depths of Castle Blackspin, where legendary treasures are rumored to be hidden. The game’s graphic direction is quite simple, and the animations are underwhelming, but the game’s sights and audio are generally clean and engaging.


Synopsis of Our Black Knight, the Mightiest Reviewer

Mighty Black Knight is a great addition to the Black Knight series, and it even has the Big Bet Mode that is signature to games from developer Barcrest. The game is accessible to players of varying financial means, but those who can afford it are encouraged to make advantage of the Big Bet Mode feature.


Benefit from a whopping 98% RTP with the Big Bet feature.

Visuals and music that pop.

Huge payouts are the norm with Mighty Reels.


Top payout of only 1000x seems low.

The animations and special effects were mediocre at best.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Mighty Black Knight

Can you explain the concept of Mighty Black Knight?


Developed by Barcrest, a division of Scientific Games, Mighty Black Knight is a revamped take on their classic slot machine, Black Knight.

The Mighty Black Knight: How Do I Play?


Bets on Mighty Black Knight may be placed from 20 cents up to $250, and the game is played by clicking the Spin button. You may use the Autoplay feature to let the game play itself, or you can put a Big Bet to get access to more winning rewards.

The Mighty Black Knight has me curious about its return to player percentage.


With wagers of less than C$2, the RTP of Mighty Black Knight is 94%; with wagers of more than C$2, it rises to 96%; and with the Big Bet option, it reaches 98%.

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